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May 2017 – RBA Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – May 2017 Announcement

The RBA has just released their May 2017 Cash Rate. Find out if they kept the base rate on hold or if they decided to drop it even further, and what other macroprudential measures have been implemented recently. Read more

How Much Do You Need To Retire?

Have you thought about how much money you need to retire? Imagine if you’re not working, don’t need to travel to work, kids are all grown up, and your loans are all paid off. How much, then, would you need to continue a comfortable living for the rest of your life? Bryce explains more in this How to Session. Read more



Our Buyer’s Agent Success Story

Gary* contacted Empower Wealth after listening to The Property Couch podcasts. A bachelor of sorts and living with three other lads, Gary realised that the good income he was earning should be invested more wisely. As an IT consultant working long hours, time was the other factor that had kept him out of the property market. Although a very competent and educated person, Gary acknowledged the property market was not his strong point and realised through listening to the podcasts that asset selection was a key ingredient to making sure his first investment purchase was the right choice. Click here to read his purchasing story!

Episode 108 | Five Ways To Improve Affordability

Back in Episode 102, Bryce and Ben discussed if we are facing an affordability issue and when Jan Somers appeared on our show last month, she mentioned that her aunt was also concerned about housing affordability back in the 1950s. Now, with the Federal Budget not long to go, this topic appears yet again, and it seems to be the favourite amongst our politicians.

This time, the debate is about improving affordability for first home buyers. Now, don’t get us wrong. The Property Couch believes in the Great Australian Dream and owning your home. But as mentioned before, your first home will not be luxurious nor will it tick all the criteria of your dream home. This is about setting the right expectation because you would get to your dream home, and you would be able to get that quarter acre house eventually. But it will not happen overnight. You need to work for it, and you need to be smart with your decisions especially when it comes to money and planning for the future. Your first home, may not be your dream home but this does not mean that your second or third home wouldn’t be.

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