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March 2017 – Property Investment Newsletter

Seven Ways to Jeopardise a Deal

We’ve shared a lot of negotiation tricks before but some of them can be a double edged sword if not used wisely! What you think is a good negotiation strategy may in fact be putting the agent off. Bryce lists out seven ways you can break a deal. Read more

Tax Structures & Tax Avoidance | What you should know

As a property advisory firm, we’ve seen a lot of emphasis on the relationship between property investment and tax. Tax avoidance is illegal and in this how to, Ben talks about the tax structures and tax avoidance schemes that you should be aware of. Read more



Our Buyer’s Agent Success Story

Julie* moved to Melbourne from Sydney because of a busy corporate role. After speaking with several local buyers agents, Julie selected Empower Wealth’s Buyers Agent, Christa to achieve her goal of an owner occupied property close to her work address and close to all of the action.
Click here to read their purchasing story!


Money Mag - scott morrison byrce holdaway - cover story

Money Magazine – Q&A with out Treasurer, Scott Morrison

As a buyers agent and property expert, it’s always a great opportunity when you get to talk to the Treasurer. You get to ask question on current policies, pick the Treasurer’s brain on political issues and most importantly, voice your opinion on the industry. In this Money Magazine’s November 2016 Edition, Bryce is given this opportunity to pose a question to our Treasurer, Scott Morrison on future initiatives. Here’s what Bryce asked him:

“The Turnbull government has been steadfast in its decision to not change the current tax legislation around negative gearing and capital gains tax exemptions with respect to residential properties. I think this is a wise decision to further encourage future property supply. However, that being said, with continued growth in population and record low interest rates there is currently continued pressure on housing supply and therefore housing affordability. What are the government’s forward plans to help keep housing affordable for all Australians? ”

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