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June 2017 – Property Investment Newsletter

Growing Number Of One Person Households | What Does It Mean For Asset Selection?

We’ve talked about land value vs land size in the past and as the Australian population grows, the difference between these two will continue to widen. In this how-to session, Bryce shares his thoughts on the growing number of one person households and how it’ll impact a buyer’s asset selection strategy. Read more

Seven Overlooked Aspects When Searching For A Property With Owner Occupier Appeal

Buying a property with an owner occupier appeal is one of our company’s mantra. We’ve shared many tips on this int he past, but apart from the usual aspects such as bedroom or location, there are a few others that are often forgotten by buyers. Ben lists 7 of them in this how-to session. Read more

What Is Your Loan Strategy?

When it comes to building a property portfolio, investors often focus on the property’s strategy, for example, is it a capital growth or yield property? But what about your loan strategy? It’s one of the fundamentals for your portfolio and neglecting it could be detrimental to your portfolio’s growth. Watch full clip here



Our Buyer’s Agent Success Story

Paul and Kate* from Sydney, had purchased investment property previously on their own. Although they had made sound decisions, the properties in their portfolio were returning better yields than property growth. As a younger couple in their 30’s with time on their side and good incomes, our buyer’s agent, Christa Batt suggested that a Melbourne purchase would balance up their portfolio with more growth. Click here to read their purchasing story!


Episode 119 | The Power of Compounding

Smart Money Management. Savings. Leverage. Compounding interest.

That is basically what we are talking about in today’s podcast as inspired by two of our listeners who wrote in. Now, rewind a few episodes, and you’ll find the boys quoting Albert Einstein famous words, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it.” And today’s focus is all about getting the foundation RIGHT, finding the SWEET spot for your money management habits and understanding WHAT delayed gratification is all about.

Listen here
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