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June 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

Common complaints from property investors

Have you ever heard the saying, “If I can have my time back, I would do things differently”? This is quite a common saying and when it comes to investing in property, we hear it very often. This time, Bryce has decided to share some of the common complaints he hears from property investors. Read more

Why is property investing so hard?

We know property investing isn’t easy but not all of our subscribers understand the complexity behind this investment type. To help increase the awareness, Ben will be sharing some of the layers of an investment grade asset and explains why property investing shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read more

Episode 057 | The Headwinds are Coming

Bryce and Ben know that the more successful you become, the more likely you are to be criticised. Unfortunately, this applies to investing in property and in life as well. It is far easier for people to comment on what you are doing wrong than what you are doing right. This time on The Property Couch, our hosts will be sharing some tips on how to stay strong when these comments eventually come. Listen on iTunes or Listen on website

Sky Business News – Your Money Your Call (April 2016)

This time on SKY Business News Channel, Your Money Your Call (YMYC), Ben Kingsley joins the panel to discuss what’s making news in the property market and more. They answered a number of emails and calls from viewers and some of the topics are the level of investors involvement in the Brisbane’s housing market activities and how this would affect the rental market, when is the right time to buy in Melbourne and should buyers be look at buying luxury off the plan apartments for their retirement and more! Read more


TPC Facebook live event 2

Facebook Live Event on The Property Couch

It’s finally here! We’ve talked about this for weeks and have now finalised a date. Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley will be taking questions and answering them on the spot! As usual, it’s going to be casual and conversational so get your questions ready for the night. Join here



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