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July 2017 – Property Investment Newsletter

The Three Hidden Mistakes Property Investors Often Make

Property investors make mistakes. Some are obvious; but many are not. Unfortunately, it can be the little, hidden potholes we take no notice of, until it’s too late. Until our investment vehicle is flipped on its side, irreparable. Until our spirit is guttered, too. Bryce Holdaway shares the 3 hidden mistakes that can easily be avoided, if you keep your eyes open. Read more

Investing in Property Can Help You Retire Comfortably

What are the “four levers” & how do they build wealth? In short, these levers work like a digger on a building site, rummaging through bricks and mortar. You can pull or push each one to change your direction, speed and control. The question is: who’s in the driving seat? In Season 2 of our instalment, Bryce and Ben explain how these levers can turn your retirement into a cruisy Sunday drive. Read more



Our Buyer’s Agent Success Story

Ian and Anna* were based in Sydney and were keen to build a great portfolio of blue chip properties quickly. Running a dental practice though, they were time poor and keen to use proven expertise to help purchase great properties. Similar to most of our other clients, they’d previously engaged our Property Investment Advisors for a Property Portfolio Plan and were clear about what they needed to do to achieve their goals. That is why they engaged with our Buyer’s Agent, Linda Blaschka, to implement their plan and start the journey towards achieving a passive income at retirement. Click here to read their purchasing story!


Episode 124 | Q&A – 20 minutes Saved 20 Years of Regret, Investing in Airbnb, Property Spruikers, Buying Cash Flow Only and the Cost of Commission

You ask, the boys answer! It’s Q&A time again and this time we talk about Airbnb investment (yes, finally!), what the consequences are with ‘fee for service’ and ‘working for commission’, investing in positively geared properties in regional areas and more. Tune in now to learn more!

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