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February 2017 – RBA Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – February 2017 Announcement

The RBA has just released their February 2017 Cash Rate. Find out if they kept the base rate on hold or if they decided to drop it even further. Read more

5 Key Things to look for during a Property Inspection

Did you attend an inspection last weekend? Do you remember if the property is at the higher end of the street or how new the windows’ furnishings are? If you don’t recall, that’s alright. With everything that is going on, buyers tend to forget the tiny details when going through an inspection and that is why Bryce is sharing his top 5 key things to look for during a property inspection. Read more


Episode 100 | The Property Couch Unpacked


Thank you to all you who had supported us for the past 99 episodes! It has been an incredible journey, and we are very grateful and amazed at how far we’ve come. This is just the beginning, and we promise you that for the next 100 episodes, we are definitely going bigger and better! With new segments, more case studies, guests interviews and innovative data research platform (spoiler alerts!), all we can say for now is, sit tight and buckle up for the ride.
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Our Buyer’s Agent Success Story

After a couple of bad property investment asset choices, and finding education around Property Investment with Empower Wealth’s videos and The Property Couch Podcast; Dylan and Sam* decided to take things seriously. They initially worked with our Property Wealth Planning Team to develop a lifelong strategy towards financial freedom. Utilising our money smarts strategy, they moved forward with engaging our Buyer Agents team. Click here to read their purchasing story!

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