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December 2016 – RBA Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – December 2016 Announcement

The RBA has just released their last cash rate announcement for 2016. Find out if they kept the base rate on hold or if they decided to drop it even further. Read more

Will it be harder for First Home Buyers?

With all of the economic prosperity that Australia is enjoying, there is one group of people who are looking in at the property market thinking, “Can we play the game too?” Of course, we are talking about the first home buyer. Will it only be harder for them from now on? Bryce explains more. Read more


Episode 090 | Future of the Australian Property Market Post Donald Trump – Chat with Tim Lawless

In this episode of The Property Couch, Bryce and Ben will be chatting with Tim Lawless about CoreLogic RP Data and some of the research methodologies they use, how much impact Donald Trump will have on Australia, wealth base for all the major capital cities, the potential risk if interest rates rise, and more! Tune in to start listening!

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