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December 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

Are Tenanted Properties always a Good Investment?

If you are a property investor, buying a tenanted property may seem to be the ultimate goal considering there will be an income stream from Day 1. BUT, not all tenanted properties tick the investment grade boxes and Bryce explains the areas that you need to wary of when purchasing one. Read more

Is the Australian Property Bubble about to Pop?

Ahhh… the everlasting question: Is the Property Bubble popping yet? With Donald Trump the next US president and banks raising the interest rates, some fear this might be the trigger that it needed. Ben explains more. Read more

Today Show – Investing In A Granny Flat

When it comes to property investing, sometimes you will need to think outside the box. If you can’t afford to get another investment property, would you consider getting a granny flat instead? This time on Today Show, Bryce Holdaway discuss why investing in the granny flat would be an attractive choice for some property investors and what are the minimum requirements that a property investor should consider when making this decision. Granny flat these days are a lot more sophisticated than what they used to be and often, at a more affordable cost as well. Furthermore, there are a lot more services and support available to set them up. Similarly, there are also other options such as flat-packed and container homes. Watch the video to find out more!


api-magazine-smoke-and-mirrors-bhAPI Magazine – Smoke and Mirrors

Like any other sector, there are tricks of the real estate trade that a property investor needs to be aware of. In order to ensure that you aren’t paying any unnecessary costs when investing into a new property, this article provides tips and analogies of what to avoid and look out for when dealing with real estate agents. In order to help you stay on top your game and keep your poker face going, Bryce Holdaway and other buyers agent mention sneaky tricks and types of buyers’ agents to avoid in the October 2016 Issue of Australian Property Investor Magazine.

As Bryce says, when you’re interested in a property, “Don’t go weak at the knees. Say ‘I may have some interest. Please keep me posted…”

In other words, don’t let your guard down. Do your research on the property and make sure you have an estate agent that will be able to answer all of your queries and are able to provide you with the information needed.

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