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August 2017 – Property Investment Newsletter

Principal and Interest Vs Interest Only Loans: Why and when should you pay more interest?

It comes as no surprise when most lenders increased their interest-only loan rates, especially considering the recent movement in the market. But, should you really be paying the additional interest? In this How To Session Ben unpacks some scenarios when this would potentially work for your portfolio. Read more

What’s the other “C” word in property?

Let’s face it, no property is perfect. So how do we prioritise what is most important to make sure our investment is still an A-grade property? You’ve heard us chatting about the 5 Cs the banks looks for in a previous video, but there’s another one. In this REA article, Bryce and Ben explain what is it and how it’ll help with your investment strategy. Read more


Our Buyer’s Agent Success Story

Michael* discovered Empower Wealth after listening to Bryce and Ben on The Property Couch podcast. As a regular listener and already an avid investor, Michael, 30, definitely had his head “screwed on”! He was keen to continue his property investment journey and came to us to expand the quality portfolio already under his belt. As a touring professional sports medic, looking after some of our most successful Aussie sports players, Michael was particularly time poor and enlisted the support of our Buyers Agent, Christa Batt. Given he had plans of moving to international destinations in the future, Christa served as a base network to offer her property expertise on his behalf.

Click here to read their purchasing story!

Money Magazine: Special Edition

What’s the power within your own home? Equity!

As Bryce explains in Money Magazine’s Special Edition issue, using the equity in your existing property allows you to invest without chipping into your own savings and takes the time spent saving for a deposit. Basically, after you release the equity, you can use it to purchase an investment property. It’s the process of buying a home with an investor’s mindset!

Not only does Bryce explain exactly how to go about this process, but also he includes a checklist for an equity strategy, a pros and cons list, tips and a case study to demonstrate how releasing equity can build your wealth, allowing you to retire with a passive income for life.

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