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August 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

Are Off Market Properties the Holy Grail?

When it comes to off market properties, there is almost a level of exclusivity attached to it, or rather, a perceived exclusivity. But are they really worth it? Bryce explains more and if you should consider off market properties as the holy grail. Read more

What is The Practicality Test?

Imagine if you are going for a property inspection this weekend, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predict how the property’s value will go? To do this, you need to understand the buyers’ psychology and the practicality test can help you in this area. But what is the practicality test? Ben explains more. Read more

The Game of Property Investing

In this video, we set out to prove that not every property is created equal when it comes to investing and it’s our job to help you learn what makes for smarter investing!. We will highlight the factors and variables that expert property investors consider when selecting the right location and then the right property in this location. This includes the Supply & Demand Variable, Human Interest and Human Behaviour Influences, The Practicality Test and more! Join here


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Upcoming event: Facebook Live Chat #2

We are organising our second Facebook Live Chat! The response to our previous chat was very encouraging and we provided so much more value to our listeners through this direct contact so we are doing it again!

But this time, we are spicing it up a little by using the book (The Armchair Guide to Property Investing) as a starting ground! We will aim to unpack all the fundamentals of property investing in the book as well as ‘most’ of the investment strategies in the first 30 minutes! Let’s be honest, there is a very slim chance that Bryce and Ben would be able to discuss ALL the strategies in 30 minutes 🙂

Here are the first 6 strategies:
– The Proven Performer
– Rare Earth
– Million Dollar Strip
– Changing Places, Changing Faces
– The City Fling
– The Wave Rider

So if you’ve got the book, make sure you tag the pages that you aren’t quite sure about and ask us on the night. OR you can also send in your questions on this Facebook page and we’ll start with yours first.

Don’t have the book? Grab a copy here and key in this discount code: FBLIVE. You’ll receive a 30% Discount! (Valid till 13th of Sept 2016). So what are you waiting for? Join here.


Your Investment Property Magazine | Loans: Which one is right for you?

YIP July 2016 - BK loan which one is right for youFor those who are not familiar with the finance side of things, this might be a tricky question. We’ve previously written about the different types of property loans out there but how do you know which loan is right for you? Especially when there are more discussions these days surrounding principal and interest and interest-only lending options and whichever you choose seems to open up a whole debate on which is a better option. Then regulatory bodies such as the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) decides to jump in to ensure loan borrowers are not borrowing more than they can afford.

So this time on the July 2016 issue of Your Investment Property Magazine, Ben Kingsley and other experts get together to help readers understand the different types of loans out there, unpacking all the jargon used in the industry and how to decide which loan is right for you. Click on the image to start reading the article.

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