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April 2017 – RBA Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – April 2017 Announcement

The RBA has just released their April 2017 Cash Rate. Find out if they kept the base rate on hold or if they decided to drop it even further and what other changes to the lending sector have been introduced, especially on investor loans. Read more

Why I Love Property

In this How to Session, Bryce shares with why he loves property. No, it’s not because it’s brick and mortar and people would always need shelter and no, it’s also not because it’s his job to love it! Find out why he favors investing in property out of all the asset classes out there. Read more



Our Buyer’s Agent Success Story

Joshua and Gillian* were avid listeners (and still are) of The Property Couch Podcast and decided to make enquiries in regards to lending and Buyer Agent Services.  Gillian had purchased an investment property before,  and wanted her partner to start his own property portfolio without falling into the pitfalls of bad asset selection. Click here to read their purchasing story!


Today Show – Buy vs Rent | Which is Better?

Ever wondered whether it’s better to buy or rent your home? Well, two economists from Melbourne University has recently released their findings. It’s a hotly debated topic at the moment, so this time on Today Show, Ben Kingsley chats about when it would be more advantageous to be rentvesting and when it’ll be better to buy it outright. The buyer’s circumstances would also make an significant difference for example, do they currently own a property already or are they first home buyers. On top of that, Ben will also be listing out what other criteria do you need to consider before making a decision.


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