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Property investment & wealth building events

As industry leaders, Empower Wealth team members are regularly invited as keynote speakers and presenters for numerous professional events across the country. We pride ourselves on being able to back our claims with reliable data and explain complex property concepts in simple and easy to understand terms. Here are some of the events that we’ve been involved in. If you would like to invite us to speak at your event, please click here.

Beginner’s Guide to Property Investment Webinar

What’s covered in this webinar? How to start investing? Where should you buy the first one? Apartment or House? New or old? How should you structure your loan? Do you have enough? Since it is your first time, you need to make sure everything is right. As we always say at Empower Wealth, property is […]

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First Home Buyer Webinar

What will this webinar cover? Part 1) Money and Finance What are the costs involved? How much deposit do I need? Am I qualified for the First Home Owner Grant/First Home Bonus? How much can you borrow and afford? Learn the process of getting a first home loan Part 2) Property Where and What to […]

  • Online - 3 days a week
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