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Paul & Belen’s Journey

Based in New South Wales, Paul* was introduced to Empower Wealth through The Property Couch Podcast. He liked the ideas around Empower Wealth’s methodology and was keen to talk to us. Belen was already a switched on sales assistant in a busy Real Estate office.

Their plan was to purchase their first investment property. Although initially cautious about utilising our services, they both liked the idea of investing outside of their home state and after mulling over the numbers with their own financial advisor and feeling secure about our process, they engaged our Buyers Agent, Christa Batt.

The search was based around areas with a consistent capital growth performance coupled with a high yield. It took a few weeks of back testing property until a property that fitted their brief was finally found in Queensland. Despite, strong competition including a local agent vying for the property, we succeeded in securing the deal for Paul and Belen. On top of that, the vendor also accepted our additional contract terms in allowing us to advertise the property for rental prior to settlement to expedite the process of finding a tenant. Paul and Belen’s experience as first-time investors went from great to remarkable when the perfect retiree couple tenant was found and even paid 12 months’ rent in advance.

What do they think about our services?

It was a big decision for us to buy our first investment property and felt picking a property on our own would be a stab in the dark. From our initial conversation with Christa we felt very comfortable that she would find us the perfect property. Christa was fantastic and kept us informed every step of the way right up until the first tenant moved in. We would definitely recommend Christa to anyone looking at buying a property!

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