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Paul & Kate’s Journey

Paul and Kate* from Sydney, had purchased investment property previously on their own. Although they had made sound decisions, the properties in their portfolio were returning better yields than property growth. As a younger couple in their 30’s with time on their side and good incomes, our buyer’s agent, Christa Batt suggested that a Melbourne purchase would balance up their portfolio with more growth. It was agreed a growth property was always going to provide more equity over a short period and Melbourne was the sensible choice as the market would provide better yield than a property in Sydney.

The preference of land content was part of the equation. With access to Empower Wealth’s research tools and Christa’s network, the search took a few weeks, and Paul and Kate did miss out on a property at auction. It was important to us that the property is of investment grade quality but also, to make sure that we are paying the right price for it. The ability to walk away from an auction when the price becomes overly inflated by the turmoil of emotion during an auction is why buyers agents are engaged. The basis of not continuing with the bidding for that property was because the yield that was agreed upon would have been jeopardised. Continuing the search, a family home of 4 bedrooms on over 688m2 of land for under one million was achieved. Bidding was competitive however, strategically placed bids by Christa left Paul and Kate with some money in the tank. After a very long auction on a very hot day, they were extremely happy with Christa’s management of the auction bidding.

As an icing on top of this journey, the current owner remained as the tenant from settlement onwards and an above average return was achieved.

What do They Think About our Services?

Christa and the Buyers Agency team at Empower Wealth were awesome! Great communication all the way through the process, gave very professional advice and always put my interests first.

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