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Olivia & Connie’s Journey

Olivia and Connie heard about us at one of the CPA Presentations that we did a few years back and decided to get in touch. They were looking to build a property portfolio in order to have a great passive income in retirement. As part of our initial consultation process and an integral part of our value system, we require all new clients to fill in the Online Fact Find prior to meeting with us. Having a firm understanding of our client’s current situation and clarifying their short, medium and long term personal and financial goals are part of our service. From Olivia and Connie’s Fact Find we understood that both were working hard and , as a result, had little time to spare. As it so happens, what they wanted most out of a successful portfolio was to spend more time with family and loved ones … and to travel more!


The Search process and Selection
After a few months their Property Portfolio Plan was completed and the search began. Olivia and Connie wanted our Buyer’s Agent, Linda Blaschka, to look for a property on its own title in key suburbs with a great growth and yield potential.

Although they were based in Melbourne, Olivia and Connie were open to the idea of buying in other states (borderless investing). They knew that Linda, as all of our Buyers’ Agents are, are experienced and active in the entire Australian market.

In saying that, after a long search, they ended up finding a perfect property in Victoria. Working closely with real estate agents, Linda accessed a fantastic off market offer in a gentrifying Melbourne suburb. It was a charming character house in Kingsville, close to everything and with terrific investment grade qualities!

Loving their first experience with Empower Wealth,  Olivia and Connie returned to Linda for some help with another purchase. This time Linda landed a great house in Queensland, close to all the lifestyle drivers and the beach (it is now rented out with a premium return).


The Negotiation
The property in Kingsville was an off market property and Linda’s strong negotiation skills successfully secured it below market value! On top of that, a very similar house next door was sold a month later for more than $50,000 more compared to what Olivia and Connie had paid. This proves an instant potential growth, which will only increase in future valuations.

Similarly, the second property was also a private negotiation and again, Linda helped Olivia and Connie purchase it at an excellent price.


The pre and post settlement service
We coordinated the contract reviews and found a few maintenance items, which were rectified by vendors. As both properties were purchased as an investment, we assisted with property managers to score tenants almost immediately, negotiating rental amounts along the way. A wonderful win for Olivia and Connie!


What do the clients think?

Thank you Linda for helping us buy another great investment. We chose Linda again as we had a great experience with our first purchase, which has already seen excellent growth. The trust that we have built and the expertise that Linda have shown definitely made the buying process a lot simpler this time. We trusted Linda’s expertise and judgement, and so this time when she recommended an investment in a suburb that we have not heard of before, we accepted her recommendation straightaway. We were already happy with a particular price as it was within our budget, but Linda’s negotiation technique further lowered the final price for us. We appreciated that Linda took time to talk to the rental agent to ensure we can lease the investment out as soon as possible, but also at a price that will yield a good return. We are very happy! Thank you Linda.

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