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Luke & Marina’s Journey


Luke and Marina* were experienced property investors. They had used a different buyer’s agent in the past, but decided to engage with us for their next investment purchase. Realising that our Buyers Agents are sought-after for their ability to recognise an investment grade property, Luke and Marina began their journey with our Buyer’s Agent, Christa Batt.



The Search

The brief was clean cut with a clear long term goal of capital growth. Given Luke and Marina had already made headway on their property portfolio, it was identified that an adequate yield should also be targeted. For this reason, Melbourne was ear marked as the place to begin the search!

The Selection

Throughout the search process, underquoting was a hurdle with a couple of properties. Unfortunately, the recent changes in the law meant some real estate agents were looking for loop holes to escape realistic price points. In time, however, a bright, sunny North facing property was found in Highett. Close to all amenities, including a train station, restaurants, Bayside beaches and schools, it was definitely an investment grade property, meeting solid numbers, with plenty of potential for capital growth.

The Negotiation

Encouraged to make an offer prior to auction, Christa, Luke and Marina did, before being reverted back by the agent to attend the auction! Leaping over the real estate agent obstacles, with a fixed price point in mind, they joined the auction. In this case, Christa adopted one of her auction tactics and sat back, observed the crowd intentions and waited for most of the bidding to be exhausted before jumping in and outbidding the competition. The property was purchased on budget and a longer settlement was negotiated to allow the market to continue to rise prior to settlement.

The Pre and Post Settlement Service

As is the way with all of our clients; after the property was purchased we coordinated the building inspection and all contract reviews. This meant making sure all negotiations made after the auction, including additional contract conditions and various maintenance items, were checked and carried out correctly. As Luke and Marina had invested in Melbourne before, they already had an established relationship with a great Property Manager. Liaising with their property manager, they were able to get a head start on advertising the property prior to settlement in order to secure a well-balanced tenant.

What they said:


“Wow! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication finding us the right investment! We look forward to working with you in the near future! Many thanks again.”


“Appreciate all your efforts over the journey. Nothing was ever too hard and you were always there to field our questions which made the process a whole lot easier. Thank you.”





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