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Late 20s couple – Currently Rentvesting & Wanting to Buy “Forever” Home

The next story I’m going to share with you, has been told to me by Joel Burton, who’s also one of our Qualified Property Investment Advisors here in our Melbourne office. This is a story about big rocks in the jar. Currently, if I set the scene for you, this couple are in their light 20s. One of them’s in the medical field and the one’s in the education and counselling area. Great people doing great things for humanity and society. Always love those stories. No kids at the moment. We plan to have a couple of children. They’re rent-vesting, in terms of some of, the work that this doctor does, takes him into regional Victoria, and also some work here in Melbourne as well.

The big rock in the jar for them was about getting a new family home.

They wanted to make sure that they could live a little bit closer to the amenities and lifestyle drivers that were important for them. That was one of the big rocks in the jar. They also wanted to make sure that they could get that balance right, between wealth creation as well as also making sure that they’re enjoying their life along that way. The best tip I can give for that is start early. If you start early, you’re going to be able to get to that end story. Obviously, the other most important thing in their lives are going to be their two children.

What triggered them to come and have a chat with us, was really around the sort of, getting some direction and that indecision. Lots of choices. I think Joel mentioned to me that, one of the takeaways that’s given them the confidence to move forward with their plan was to run multiple scenarios, and look at different stories and different possibilities before settling on the final decision around how we’re going to move forward. What that looks like, is we’re going to purchase a principle place of residence within the next 12 months. We get that big rock in the jar, and then we can start delivering in terms of property strategy around that. That’s a good news story.

We’re going to factor in the kids they’re planning for. Once we buy the principle place of residence, we’re going to put the two children in first, so that’s obviously going to impact cash flow. Then, after that, we’re going to be positioned to buy a couple more investment properties. Rentvesting, means that they’ve already got an investment property, but they’ve moved out of that to live somewhere else closer where they can get the better lifestyle amenity. Add two more investment properties to bring the total portfolio up to three solid properties, and combine that with a super in their earning potential, especially one as a doctor, means that they’re going to target $150,000 dollars as their passive income, by the age of 60 years, retirement.

I think there’s a good news story here in terms of getting the balance right. There’s going to be a bit of part-time work, while raising the children, while the main bread winner goes off and does their doctor’s work. They explored a couple of different options around scenarios. They worked out what their minimum requirements were, what their non-negotiables were, in terms of what was important to them. They set those priorities up. And then, finally they got clarity around their potential. They took that opportunity to move forward based on a really clear plan that sets out what they need to do at each of those milestone steps. Great result there for Joel and his clients. They now takeaway the confidence and some validation around the right pathway to travel. Well done.


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