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Lachlan & Beth’s Journey


Lachlan & Beth* had little time on their hands, but wanted to expand on their already large property portfolio. Originally thinking of going with another Buyer’s Agent, they changed their minds after receiving valuable advice from our financial planner, Michael Savvy, which sparked confidence in the capabilities of our team. After several conversations to talk it through with our Buyers Agent, Christa Batt, they felt home in our approach.



The Search Process

As we were seeking a balanced asset for Lachlan & Beth, we chose Queensland as our target area. Often, as a borderless investor, you open up the opportunities to find both long term capital growth as well as a decent yield to increase cash flow and help service loan repayments. In Lachlan & Beth’s case, going “up North” was a tactical move by Christa, who knows the markets that will perform to achieve this result.

The Selection

With a little bit of luck, an off market property — thanks to being in the right place at the right time — popped up, full of investment potential. With a little bit of a touch up, the property would attract the right tenants and, being close to lifestyle drivers, would contribute to the capital growth Lachlan & Beth were chasing.


With a building and pest inspection sourced, it was revealed some maintenance items to roofing skylights were required. Taking a strategic punt with who Christa continued the negotiations with, we succeeded in scoring a lower price to cater for the cost of replacement. To boot, Christa organised a quick and affordable cosmetic renovation to enhance tenant selection and increase Lachlan and Beth’s average weekly rental income.

The Pre and Post Settlement Service

As usual, what you should expect post settlement, we coordinated all contract reviews, additional contract conditions and various maintenance items that were included in the negotiations to be rectified by the landlord. Lastly, we assisted Lachlan and Beth with property management through recommended property management companies.

Being very happy with the service, Lachlan & Beth are now aiming to purchase more property through a Self-Managed Super Fund to further finance their retirement years.


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