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Josh & Jane’s Journey

Taking a high profile position on the other side of the world, and referred to our services by an existing customer, Josh and Jane* enlisted the help of our buyer’s agent Christa Batt to secure and negotiate a high budget Melbourne investment property.

Focusing on the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Christa was aware of the different suburbs that could offer similar sales prices, but potentially more yield. On occasions, a higher buy in Melbourne market may dictate yields well below 3% so asset selection, as always, is crucial. With access to Empower Wealth’s property research tools and Christa strong network of agents, she found several properties that tick Josh and Jane’s criteria. These properties were assessed even further taking into account their investment’s profile, personally inspected and the final listed investment grade asset was this two double bedrooms and character-filled Victorian. Needless to say, the competition was strong at auction. But having bid at hundreds of auctions, Christa is very familiar with this kind of environment and draw on her auction tactics and skills to a successful purchase. A compelling yield of 3.4% was achieved by selecting a suitable, long-term tenant during the settlement period as well.

Due to the difference in time zones, they both conveyed it was a weird feeling to be greeted with the goods news that while they were sleeping, they had purchased a beautiful character home in one of the best suburbs and streets of Melbourne.

What do they think about our services

Thank you so much for the great work you have done for us. I know it was a challenge communicating across time zones and finalising settlement, but we are very happy with the result and appreciate all of your efforts.

We look forward to working with you next time Christa.

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