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Andrew & Anna’s Journey

Andrew and Anna approached Empower Wealth after researching and interviewing several Property Investment Advisory businesses.  Immediately they understood a good strategy was required to show how they could build a quality property portfolio.

  1. The Search process

As their strategy encouraged a blue chip investment, our search was dedicated to areas with gentrification prospects offering high growth forecasts.

  1. The Selection

The selection was based upon good yields, location and a comfortable low maintenance dwelling.

  1. The Negotiation

As our Buyers Agent, Christa, has a previous background of auctioneering, buying the property at auction meant that Andrew and Anna’s purchase of the property was well under expectation, which in turn offered a higher than calculated yield.  A comparable property sold a few weeks later for a price more than $120k higher than Andrew and Anna’s purchase price.

  1. The Pre and Post Settlement Service

Since the settlement of their property, Andrew and Anna have referred several clients wanting to engage in our services.

What do they think about our services?ba-terry-and-nat

“Empower Wealth are without a doubt, leaders in not only their field (we have spoken with numerous investment advisors); but leaders in all fields in customer service, and delivered the product. The whole process of buying a house, which can be tremendously onerous and stressful, was very easy and stress-free for us. This was fantastic as we are very time-poor. We were regularly updated on the progress of our purchase at each step of the way and felt very involved, but not to any degree of difficulty or inconvenience on our part. The cost of their services was reasonable and we have already recouped this through the excellent investment property chosen with Empower’s help. I would certainly recommend them to any friends.”

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