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Sarah Wing-Tang

Customer Service Officer

Sarah is a Customer Service Officer in the Financial Planning team at Empower Wealth. She holds an Honors degree in Literature and Media.

Sarah is a dedicated professional with a keen interest in social and economic trends. Her passion for these subjects was evident even during her university days, which eventually paved the way for a rewarding career in the financial sector.

In 2020, Sarah embarked on her journey in Superannuation, initially serving as a Customer Service representative for a prominent superannuation fund. Demonstrating remarkable talent and ambition, she swiftly progressed to the role of team leader. Within this capacity, Sarah excelled in communication and support, ensuring that clients received tailored solutions to achieve their financial objectives. Her expertise extended to a profound understanding of super policies and government legislation, which later proved invaluable in her current role as a Customer Service Officer at Empower Wealth.

While spending three years within a specific aspect of the financial services arena, Sarah yearned to make a more direct impact on individuals’ lives. This desire motivated her to join Empower Wealth in 2023, where she discovered the perfect platform to provide genuine assistance and support to clients.

At Empower Wealth, Sarah has embraced the opportunity to combine her passion for people with an in-depth understanding of the financial services industry. Her unwavering commitment to her clients allows her to assist them in achieving and maintaining their financial goals effectively.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sarah finds joy in a diverse range of hobbies. You might find her engrossed in reading, indulging in her love for writing, or skillfully crafting beautiful crochet creations. When she’s not pursuing her interests, Sarah cherishes spending quality time at home with her beloved family and two adorable cats.


We really enjoyed the services provided by Victor, Sarah and Sam. We believe that it is an integral part of having a great financial adviser, particularly the advice on superannuation and insurance. Insurance is really not a sexy topic that gets enough attention and can really be an intimidating process to go through, however, we are thankful that we have the team assisting us with this process, and gave the peace of mind to sleep well at night. Thanks for your service and help.

- Ruzelle Grasparil, SA October 2023

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