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Jeaben Escosora

Associate Broker

Jeaben works as a Associate Broker with the Mortgage Broking Team. He holds a degree in Business Information management.

Commencing his professional journey with a Business Process Outsourcing company, Jeaben specialised in enhancing customer relationships and optimising overall customer experience. Intrigued by the hands-on and client-focused nature of the finance world, he delved into mortgage studies, leading him to establish a career in the Mortgage Broking Industry.

Jeaben initiated his finance career as a virtual administrative assistant for a self-employed broker. Over time, his broker formed a strategic alliance with Empower Wealth, driven by shared values and vision. Through unwavering dedication and continuous learning, Jeaben is has transitioned into a role as an Associate Broker.

With a wealth of experience spanning diverse customer profiles, Jeaben takes great pride and satisfaction in each interaction. While he enjoys engaging in profound discussions, he maintains a focused and succinct approach. Driven by a genuine passion for people, Jeaben extends his sociable nature by hosting events for friends and family.

Jeaben’s professional mantra, “Make things right, as efficiently as possible,” fuels his ever-expanding interest in Finance and Mortgage. This guiding principle enables him to consistently advance and deepen his understanding of the field.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeaben actively contributes to his local church community. In his leisure time, he explores new coffee shops and restaurants in the city, demonstrating his commitment to trying something new at least once.

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