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James Ropert Paredes

Software Developer

James is a Software Developer at Empower Wealth. His prime focus is to help the EW team build software solutions that provide value to end customers. He has depth of knowledge in the complete software development lifecycle working through various user facing applications.

Through James’ time at Empower Wealth he has worked on some of the core technology transformation projects including the online simulator, Property Portfolio Plan and MoneySMARTS.

He loves to undertake new technological endeavours including learning new technologies and applying those new technologies to find innovative solutions.

James is passionate about seeking out new experiences including travelling, meeting new people and trying new foods and activities that he is not familiar with.

In his spare time, you can find him playing console games, with his favourite being the Final Fantasy series, or watching historical series on Netflix. Most of his time during the weekend is spent with his wife and their daughter, Bukie.

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