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James Austin

Chief Technology Officer

James is the Chief Technology Officer at Empower Wealth and brings nearly two decades of experience working across the information technology and computer science sector.

James joined Empower Wealth in 2022 as its Chief Technology Officer. Since joining he has led a number of critical projects from the re-branding of Empower Wealth’s Moorr platform (previously the My Wealth Portal) to the launch of its Mobile app.

Before joining Empower Wealth, James kickstarted his career as a Partner at Australia.

With a keen drive for continuous growth and learning, James went on to complete an advanced Bachelors of Computer Science and Technology, majoring in Information Systems and Computer Science.

It was this further knowledge and experience that catapulted him into his next role where he strengthened and diversified his skillset, quickly moving from Business Analyst to System Innovations Manager and eventually, Head of Products.

As someone with an analytical mindset and innovative nature, James is a strategic thinker with natural people skills who is passionate about identifying and improving processes, building strong professional relationships with his team, and ensuring a smooth business experience for clients.

James’ spare time is primarily spent wrangling is two-year-old daughter, hanging out with family and friends, or occasionally reading Manga.

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