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Himal Bista

Associate Broker

Himal is a dedicated professional working as an Associate Broker in the Mortgage Broking division. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specialising in Finance, he possesses a strong foundation in financial principles and practices.

He excels at establishing personal connections with clients, allowing him to understand their individual needs and provide tailored solutions to achieve their lending goals.

Himal’s experience extends across several international institutions, where he has had the opportunity to gain exposure to various facets of financial services. This broad exposure has enriched his understanding of the industry and equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for his clients, Himal is committed to providing top-notch service. He goes above and beyond to ensure that clients receive comprehensive guidance and support throughout the lending process. Himal takes pride in building strong relationships built on trust and transparency, as he believes that open communication is key to success.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Himal finds joy in exploring new places. In his leisure time, Himal also enjoys diving into a good book, allowing his mind to wander and expand.

As a member of a skilled and dedicated team in the mortgage broking industry, Himal continues to grow professionally and learn from his colleagues. He values collaboration and believes in the power of collective knowledge to drive innovation and excellence in the field.

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