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Erin Kanowitz

Human Resources Coordinator

Erin is the Human Resources Coordinator at Empower Wealth. She holds a Bachelor of Business in Management and Human Resources and has experience in various roles across a number of industries including healthcare, tax and administration.

She has always been passionate about connecting with those around her and ensuring they feel heard and supported which is what led her to study Human Resources at university. This specialisation aided her in understanding the skills and experiences needed to improve organisational culture and activities which play a vital role in business success.

Erin has previous experience working in customer service, marketing, administration, and tax processing which have assisted her in acquiring practical skills that compliment academic qualifications and support her Human Resources function with Empower Wealth.

Erin has always had a strong interest in money management and is an avid user of Moorr platform which enables her to better manage her own financial position. This interest in the role that money management plays in the providing individual choice and control of our lives, and her interest in the employee experience of work are what brought Erin to Empower Wealth.

In her spare time, she enjoys all things food including browsing markets, going out to restaurants and experimenting in the kitchen. You can also find her out walking her dogs or catching up with friends.


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