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Christa Batt

Buyers Agent

Christa Batt, Buyers Agent with Empower Wealth, is an oracle of property knowledge and skill. 30 years of Real Estate experience as a hands-on active Real Estate Business owner, auctioneer, sales and property management leader. This journey of practice has allowed Christa to assess patterns of real estate cycles impacted by the banking sector, government persuasion, human behavior and all other elements that can create cyclical real estate environments.

Real Estate knocked on Christa’s door 30 years ago. Her involvement in the industry has been at a top tier level, owning Real Estate businesses and involving all property facets.
What Christa enjoys about this industry is watching her clients’ wealth grow through property. For Christa, this is the single most gratifying cause. To have clients put their trust in Christa and take a journey of faith toward property success, Christa considers a huge personal privilege. Christa finds all of her clients aspirational and inspirational.

With around 3000 transactions under her belt, the badge of experience outweighs her awards and accolades presented along the way. For Christa, it is about helping people make better property choices and utilising her skills. 23 successful years as a professional real estate identity on the agency side including conduct of auctions, to traversing over to the Buyers Agents side, allows Christa to precisely sum up scenarios for the best possible client outcomes. The fire in her belly is like it was on day one and knowing Christa, that will never go away. It is not just a job for Christa, it’s about building friendships, sharing experience and watching her clients grow toward financial freedom.

Matt, Christa and their teams made my purchase so easy. I don’t have a lot of time but also lack the experience. I’m confident I now have a great loan and an excellent investment property. Thanks team.

- Jason, VIC October 2019

Empower Wealth explained everything I needed throughout my first home purchase process. The service was fast, friendly, efficient, and exclusive. I would not have had access to my property without Empower Wealth as it was an off-the-market.

- Phillip, NSW October 2019

Overall great experience, I really valued being able to work with one team from property planning through to purchase.

- Lachlan, QLD September 2019

A great end to end professional service, our Buyers Agent was clearly the best in the business.

- Stephen September 2019

This is the first time I have used a Buyers Agent and the third investment property I have bought. Now I feel stupid for not doing this sooner. Couldn’t be happier. Matt and Christa were amazing.

- Jason August 2019

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