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Christa Batt

Buyers Agent

Christa Batt is a Buyer’s Agent at Empower Wealth and started her “all things real estate” career in the late 80’s and later progressed to owning two successful Real Estate Businesses in Tasmania.

After selling both businesses in recent years to concentrate on transferring her skillset to the buyer’s side of the fence, she has since focused on helping people understand and enjoy the benefits of investing in residential property.

With her own investment property portfolio spanning across three states, she is a real estate expert in all corners of Australia, an ASIC compliant property investment advisor, buyer’s agent and licensed Real Estate Agent in Queensland and Victoria.

Enthusiastic and Passionate, Christa is driven by helping people obtain professional advice for buying residential property – be it a family home, their first property investment or understanding the process behind building a multiple property portfolio.


Empower Wealth are the team that you need in your corner. We used their Buyers Agent services for our second investment property purchase and it was the best thing we ever did. We didn't have the capacity at the time to be across everything (demanding jobs) so we are very grateful we had them on our side, helping us research, select, negotiate and oversee the entire process!

- Courtney April 2019

I was so scared to start, which is why it took me many years to get going. I am a 55 year old male and in control of many aspects of my professional and personal life, but when it came to buying an investment property I had frozen. I thought that was something that rich people did. What made it worse was that my little bit of knowledge from several podcasts, brokers and magazines showed me that every professional has a different opinion and strategy — and I had no way to know which one to believe. The distrust that this engendered was personified in the real estate agent. After listening to The Property Couch I sensed that this is a group I could trust, and reached out to Empower Wealth. With a Property Portfolio Plan in place I then moved into setting up proper finance structures, and then to the fun, but scary part of buying. Bryce, Lloyd and Christa metaphorically held my hand as they took me through the steps of buying 3 different properties. Each of them, with professional yet friendly attitudes, encouraged me and reassured me at each step of the way. There were lots of things to look at, understand and sign, and I felt guided and supported all the way through.

- Ross April 2019

Empower Wealth provide a professional service and have their customers' interest at heart. Their expertise and advice is second to none. I have purchased 2 investment properties using their full service and have been delighted by their ongoing support to ensure the outcomes I need to achieve are being realised. Thank you for helping us to create a pathway to retirement.

- Robyn April 2019

Christa and the whole Empower Wealth team were a pleasure to deal with, helping us through every step of the buying process. Christa made us feel as comfortable as possible as this was our first step into property investing world. We will definitely be using Christa and the team again to purchase the remaining properties in our Property Portfolio Plan. With a high level of professionalism, I could not recommend the Empower Wealth team more highly!

- Joseph April 2019

I had a gut feeling that if I chose Empower Wealth I would be in safe hands. You guys proved that correct. Thanks to Damien, Dean, Christa and all the members who were part of our journey towards our first investment property! God bless you all!

- Roy April 2019

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