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Carmen Teoh

Digital Marketing & CRM Coordinator

Carmen is the Digital Marketing & CRM Coordinator at Empower Wealth and boasts extensive experience in copywriting across various sectors, including the arts and recreation, education, health care and legal field.

Her journey began with a profound interest in media, which led her to undertake internships at both a national newspaper and a radio station. Following this, she embarked on a brief stint in recruitment, where she found fulfillment in making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Combining her passion for persuasive writing with her desire to solve problems and expand her knowledge, Carmen transitioned into copywriting. Over the years, she has crafted compelling content for a diverse range of industries and topics. Her natural curiosity eventually led her to the world of digital marketing.

Carmen’s initial exposure to the property sector occurred during her childhood in Malaysia when she accompanied her family on site visits, attempting to grasp the intricacies of the shoptalk. However, it was not until she relocated to Melbourne that she personally became intrigued by the potential for wealth creation through property investment.

She was drawn to Empower Wealth due to its values and genuine passion for transforming lives through financial literacy, as well as the enthusiastic testimonials from employees and clients alike.

In her down time, Carmen can be found attending Pilates or HIIT sessions, exploring the vibrant Melbourne food scene, engrossed in a mystery series, or planning her next travel adventure.


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