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Anthony Taouk

Buyers Agent

Anthony is a Buyers Agent at Empower Wealth and started his property journey in 2015 when he completed his agent’s representative qualification and worked as a selling agent in Melbourne’s inner north for nearly 6 years.

During that time, he become a qualified auctioneer and conducted auctions weekly for the last 4 years of his career. He knows the selling process inside and out and has a thorough understanding of the auction process including bidding strategies and negotiation tactics.

After six years in the industry, Anthony realised that his passion lies on the other side of the transaction where he can support his buyers throughout their property journey. This was overweighing all other facets of being a selling agent and is the reason why he decided to join the Empower Wealth team. He feels that it is now his purpose to share his knowledge and skills that he has obtained throughout the years to help people beat the challenges that all markets can bring.

According to Anthony, “This is by far the most satisfying element of my job as a buyer’s agent.”

You will find his approach to be both enthusiastic and direct, however he has learnt through his years as an auctioneer to always remain relaxed in high pressure moments.

When he’s not working, Anthony loves his sport, running and working out and is a passionate Bombers fan (AFL).

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