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Anand Gulati

Program Manager – Agile

Anand is a Program Manager at Empower Wealth with a main focus on Agile ways of working. As part of the Innovation team, his prime focus is to nurture an environment that ensures the business and the technology work together to create value for Empower Wealth customers.

He has a depth of experience in the complete product development lifecycle. He gain this experience working with some leading German and US based organisations where he learnt great deal about balancing the business priorities and technical excellence. He promotes the idea of creating shorter product delivery cycles in order to continuously improve and learn from customer feedback.

Having worked as a system engineer early in his career, he advocates incorporating system thinking in the development cycle to get an end-to-end view of the product. Design thinking is another aspect that he is intrigued by to help conceptualize the product from the user perspective.

Anand loves to work with people and finds a lot of satisfaction in bringing together various points of view in the best interest of the customers and the products. As a team leader, he reads the situation and adapts to the needs of the team to switch between various styles of leadership, from directive to participative, by getting to the lowest level of details if necessary.

He is a tennis enthusiast and in his spare time he likes coaching his daughters. He also regularly participates in night competitions at his local tennis club.



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