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Alex Wang

Senior Developer

Alex is a Senior Software Developer at Empower Wealth with a primary focus on delivering customer-centric data driven software products. He is a seasoned technology professional with over 10 years of experience in developing risk products for early-stage startups, banks and government sectors.

With a range of experience implementing product ideas by c-suite stakeholders, Alex has developed an in-depth knowledge in business domains across marketing, sales, customer service, finance and HR. His strategic view on business and technology enables him to advise on cross-function solutions as well as injecting innovative tech modules for the business.

Apart from working with business stakeholders, Alex is also passionate about reading research papers and seeking ways to implement complex mathematical models within the current technology stacks. His recent interest is in researching protocols and algorithms for online privacy. He believes the next step of digital adoption will be highly driven by the warrant of secured personal data and digital privacy and has been actively developing personal projects in this field.

Alex is also a dog lover. He regularly donates to animal rescues and is active in Sydney’s dog meetups. He also puts great attention to his personal fitness and enjoys morning gym time and a healthy diet.

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