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Alex Moroseac

Group Lead Database Architect & Data Scientist

Alex is a Research and Development Analyst at Empower Wealth. Alex holds a Bachelor of Accounting and Audit degree and a number of IT certificates including Oracle SQL Expert Certificate and is continually focused on studying new technologies and working towards a new certification.

Since a young age, Alex had a strong desire to work with cutting-edge technologies. Before joining the Empower Wealth team, Alex had a successful 15-year career in IT. His IT skills and understanding of financial and accounting principles led to a series of large IT projects in different industries where he usually combined roles of Project Manager, ERP Consultant, Software Developer, ICT Business Analyst, Oracle Developer.

Alex joins the team to drive and further increase our long-standing commitment to innovation and research using best-in-breed technologies to identify new locations where we see the potential to invest. He is passionate about using his expertise to develop best software data-exploration solutions for data analysis, presentation and visualisation which can reveal hidden gems for property investors.

Alex lives in Melbourne with his wife and his young son. In his spare time, Alex likes to spend time with his family, watch movies and read books as well as continue to explore the new opportunities technology provides.

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