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September 2014 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – September 2014 Announcement

The RBA has just made their decision for the September 2014 cash rate. Watch the video to find out more! Read more

$7,223 under budget and a 5% yield – How it’s done?

In this month’s property success story, we share a journey of a new property investor couple who are looking for an investment property with high growth and a good return. Find out how our Buyers Agent helped this clients achieve that and save them more than expected! Read more

What you need to know when increasing your rent?

As a property investor, we often think about what to expect when the time comes to increase our rent. Where should we start and what should we do? In this article, Dave Ferguson writes about things you need to know when you are increasing your rent. Read more

Which is the best state to invest in?

As a Property Investment Analyst and Qualified Property Investment Advisor, Ben often get asked which is the best Australian state to invest in. In this short video, he explains why that’s not THE question that you should ask. Read more

Pros and Cons of Buying Off the Plan Apartments

There are a range of different things to consider when thinking about an off the plan purchase; you can’t beat that brand new feeling! In this How to Session, Bryce shares some of this thought on the pros and cons of buying off the plan apartments. Read more

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