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November 2015 – Property Investment Newsletter

Who is more important: Buyer’s Agent or Mortgage Broker?

In the rank of importance when investing in property, would a Buyer’s Agent rank higher than a Mortgage Broker or vice versa? It might look like a conflict of interest coming from Bryce but his explanations might just surprise you.  Read more

Three Questions to ask yourself when setting up an SMSF

SMSF is a financial product and it’s not something that you should go into lightly. In this How To session, Ben highlights three initial considerations when you are setting one up. Read more

Dear Landlords, don’t let maintenance be your Achilles Heel

We often talked about getting the right strategy and finance structure and buying the right asset but what happens after all that? What do you need to do as a landlord? Well, this article explores more of that phase. Read more

Episode 029 | Common Mistakes when Investing in Property

We’ve all made mistakes in life. Some are relatively harmless but when it comes to high value transactions such as investing in property, the stakes are higher. So this time on The Property Couch podcast, Bryce and Ben list out a few common mistakes that they’ve seen people make in their investment journey. Listen Now

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