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November 2014 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – November 2014 Announcement

The RBA has just made their decision for the November 2014 cash rate. Watch the video to find out more! Read more

Sometimes it Pays to Walk Away

When you are buying a property, you can be quite emotional especially in an auction. But it is important to be able to do your due diligence and pull the brakes when you needed too. This month’s success story bring us to a Full Advocacy investment clients who are looking to buy their first investment property and how walking away ended up to be a better investment choice. Read more

Tips for Buying at Auction (Part 2)

Imagine yourself with a crowd of other bidders at an auction. Now, imagine yourself bidding for that same property that everyone else is hoping to get. How confident are you in winning the bid? There’s no such thing as over-preparing yourself in an auction. In this 2nd part, Bryce shares his third tip for buying at auction to help you get the winning edge. Read more

Here’s the other parts of this video series:

Part 1 : Tips for Buying at auction.
Part 2 : Tips for Buying at auction.
Part 3 : Tips for Buying at auction.

Winner of National Property Investment Advisor of the Year 2014

Empower Wealth is proud to announce that Ben Kingsley has recently won the National Property Investment Advisor of the Year award by Your Investment Property Magazine.

Buying an Off Market Property

These days, we often hear about the success stories of buying an off market property. But what is an off market property and how can we secure them? Our Buyers Agent Team explains how. Read more

Negotiable Terms in the Contract of Sale

Contrary to popular belief, a Contract of Sale is not a fixed condition. There are actually a few areas where you can negotiate to benefit yourself as a buyer. We asked Nicole Faid from Accord Conveyancing to share with us some areas in the contract that can be negotiated in auction and in a private sale. Read more

What do you Look for in a Buyers Advocate?

When you are looking for a Buyers Advocate, do you go for one who is familiar with the area, has strong connections with the agents or someone with superior negotiation skills? In this How to session, Ben explains which key things you should look for in a Buyers Advocate. Read more

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