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May 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

Considerations for borderless investing

There is no doubt that Empower Wealth supports borderless investing but what are the considerations an investor need to think about before adopting this strategy? Bryce Holdaway lists out some of the common differences when investing interstate. Read more

The property self assessment test

It’s time for a Question and Answer episode! This time, Bryce and Ben talk about starting out in the property ladder, understanding the debt position in their book, and if they are always against house and land packages. Read more

Episode 054 | Q&A – Entry into the property investment market, debt reduction and investing in house and land packages

Are you planning to buy a property soon? How much do you think you know about property to engage yourself in this high value transaction? Property is one the most popular conversation topic in Australia but the fact is, most investors don’t know much the science behind this. Ben Kingsley explains more. Listen on iTunes or Listen on website

API Magazine - May 2016 Ben 500,000 mistake thumbnaiThe $500,000 Mistake

Ben is often seen as the expert in the property investment industry and the fact is, he IS an expert. Not only is he one of the top Australia’s property investment advisor, he’s also a property investor himself and like everyone, he has gone through some ups and downs. In the May 2016 edition of the Australian Property Investor Magazine, Ben writes about the $500,000 mistake that became the catalysts to pursue his dream. Read more



Money Magazine - March 2016 Cover Pic Rent and InvestRent and Invest Strategy

We’ve previously talked about Rentvesting before, what is it and how it’ll work. This time on the Cover Story of the March 2016 Issue of Money Magazine, Ben Kingsley was invited to write about this investment strategy in more detail. It’s definitely a growing trend but it is important to note that this rent and invest is not for everyone. Hence, in this article Ben demonstrates how this strategy would work in three different case studies. He’ll be looking at their income, living costs, mortgage repayments and other outgoing expenses, comparing that to what they want to achieve to determine how this rentvesting would work. Read more.



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