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March 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

The financial impact of negative gearing

With so much debate going on about Negative Gearing, Ben rolled up his sleeves in this How to session and demonstrates how much impact does negative gearing policies actually have on an Australian’s household. Read more

How important is asset selection?

Most investors think that because they’ve lived in a property before, asset selection is naturally the easiest part in building their property portfolio. In this How to session, Bryce explains why that’s not true and highlights the process investors should go through when selecting an investment grade asset. Read more

Episode 48 of The Property Couch Podcast

Our loyal listeners would have noticed by now that every single time a tax related question pops up on the podcast, Bryce and Ben will try and answer it in a general sense (sometimes, probably too general). So this time on the podcast, we’ve called in a tax expert to help us. Listen to it on your podcast app.


Double trouble for the Australian Property Market?

It is no secret that property values have dramatically increased in the last 10 years. So much so, that some commentators are saying that the Australian Property Market is experiencing a property bubble and a “burst” is coming. In this episode of Today show, Bryce Holdaway gives his opinion on why this is unlikely to happen. Read more

2016 Outlook

In the last 2 newsletters, Empower Wealth has done an Outlook Series on the Australian Property Market, Lenders and Mortgage and the Equity Market. If you’ve missed out on our previous newsletters, don’t worry. Here’s a video playlist for you to watch them. Watch more

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