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July 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

What to know about property promoters’ investment return claims

“32% increase in 12 months!” Does this sounds familiar? Some property promoters tend to claim mega returns on their properties but how do you know if this is true? Ben Kingsley explains more. Read more

Are women better in property investing?

Have you heard of the book titled, “Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl: And Why You Should, Too”? Now, considering this comes from one of the top investment experts in the world, does this means women are better at property investing as well? Bryce Holdaway unpacks this in this How to. Read more

The Rewards of Understanding Scarcity

Scarcity is an important factor in asset selection and it affects the returns of your property portfolio. Hence it is crucial to understand what it really means and how it is applied to different types of property. Ben Kingsley explains more. Read more

Episode 73 | Building a property portfolio in a tough market – Chat with Damian Collins

It is Special Guest Day and we’ve got Damian Collins from Momentum Wealth with us on our very first Vodcast!

Just a bit of a background on Damian, he is an established property investor, the founder and managing director of Momentum Wealth, a Perth based property investment and buyers advocacy firm and is also on the board of PIPA which means he is very well qualified to talk about the art of investing in property and building a portfolio.

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Money Magazine | Property for $250 a week

Money Magazine - Property for $250 a week Special edition 2016 Money Magazine - Question of Trust Special edition 2016 thumbnailIs it possible to own a property for $250 a week? In this Money Magazine’s Special Edition 2016, Ben Kingsley said yes and will be briefly demonstrating how he come up with this figure, the loan structure to put in place and what investment formula you can use to ensure you purchase an investment grade asset that would work well with this strategy.

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