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February 2016 – Property Investment Newsletter

Seven habits of highly effective investors

As an avid reader of positive mental attitude books, Bryce was inspired by Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people. In this How to session, Bryce explains how you can apply these habits to building your own property portfolio. Read more

2016 Global Economy and Equity Outlook

People often ask us the Property Vs. Shares question and to be honest, we believe that each investment class has its pros and cons. For this 2016 Outlook, Michael Savy and Ben Kingsley will be discussing these four parts:

Part 1 – United States Economy
Part 2 – Asian and European Economy
Part 3 – Commodities Market
Part 4Australian Economy 

2016 Mortgage Outlook

With the significant changes made by APRA in 2015 and the continuous run of a record low cash rate, this 2016 Outlook with Simon Gillespie and Ben Kingsley is focused on understanding the impact of APRA’s decisions, potential changes made by lenders and the importance of having a good loan strategy and structure to support an investor’s investing capabilities. Read more.

Private Sales vs Auctions

Have you ever wondered why some properties are sold privately and some others via auction? Who determines which method should be used to sell a property, and why? This time on 774 ABC Radio Melbourne, Ben Kingsley put on his buyer’s agent hat to talk about private sales vs auctions. Read more

Episode 037 | Understanding the Scarcity factor in Property Investment

Scarcity. It is one of the three filters in our asset selection criteria and you’ve probably heard Bryce and Ben talking about it numerous times in previous podcasts. In this current market condition, it is more important than ever to ensure you nail the scarcity factor. But how do you determine if a property is scarce or not?

In this episode, our hosts will be breaking the scarcity factor into two parts and will be sharing their very own “Scarcity Scale”. Find out more today. Listen Now.

2016 Property Outlook

And if you missed out our 2016 Property Outlook, you can access them here!

Part 1: Sydney & Regional NSW
Part 2: Melbourne & Regional VIC
Part 3: Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia
Part 4: Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania

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