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December 2015 – Property Investment Newsletter

Putting your Money to work

Understanding the numbers and how it can work for you is crucial when investing in property. This includes a good money management strategy, understanding cash flow analysis and an investment savvy loan structure. Ben Kingsley explains more in this How to Session.  Read more

So you’ve bought the property… What’s Next? (Part 2)

In the previous How to session, Bryce explained the connection between property investing and a plane’s flight process. He also talked about ways to protect your asset, conditions of the contract and the QS report. In the second part of this series, he lists out the remaining 4 steps of a post property purchase process. Read more

Off-Market Opportunities

To some, off market opportunities almost seem like VIP only access and exclusive to a selected few. In this issue of Australian Property Investor (API) Magazine, Bryce Holdaway shares his opinion as a Buyers Agent and helps readers understand what exactly off market properties are and how they can get them. Read more

Episode 030 (Part 1) | Five Golden Rules of Property Investment – Chat with Peter Koulizos

This time on The Property Couch, we’ve invited Peter Koulizos to join in and share the five golden rules of property investment. The first golden rule from this trio is to never compromise on location.

Find out the rest of the Golden Rules of Property Investment in the podcast. Listen Now/a>

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