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August 2014 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – August 2014 Announcement

The RBA has just made their decision for the August 2014 cash rate. Watch the video to find out more! Read more

Top 3 Myths of Financial Planning

We have received a lot of requests to do a How to Session on Financial Planning. So this time, we interviewed our Senior Financial Planner, Michael Savy about the Top 3 Myths on Financial Planning and asked him to uncover them! Read more

Top 5 aspects to look at during a Property Inspection

If you are looking to buy a property yourself, chances are you would have gone to quite a number of property inspections. To help you make the best use of your time, David Ferguson lists out the top 5 things you need to pay attention to when inspecting a property. Read more

Improving Financial Literacy

Did you know that Australia ranks third among other OECD countries when it comes to Financial Literacy and yet, there are still over 25% of students who receive no formal financial education through the education system? On top of that, over 50% have teachers that did not attend any professional development in Financial Education. Michael Pope explores this and explains further. Read more

When to do a Building and Pest inspection?

Many buyers do not understand the value of a building and pest inspection and some aren’t even sure when to do one! In this How to Session, Bryce shares some tips on when the best time is for a Building and Pest inspection and what things to look out for. Read more

Key changes you need to know about your retirement and pension

With the recent budget changes, there was a lot of news surrounding the effect those changes have on our retirement and pension plans. In this How to Session, Michael Savy shares some of the common misunderstandings towards these changes and explains what you can do about them. Read more

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