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April 2016 – RBA Newsletter

RBA Rate Decision – April 2016 Announcement

The RBA has just released their April 2016 Cash Rate. Find out if they kept the base rate on hold or if they decided to drop it even further. Read more

Is interest rate really that important?

There is no secret here. By now, our viewers would know that we do not solely focus on interest rates. But this time, Bryce and Simon share a lending framework that we use at Empower Wealth and some of their day-to-day experiences in the industry. Read more

FP Life event 2

Ignore life’s trigger event at your peril

Most people that read this title would think that death and a well-constructed estate plan are the only events that matter here. But this articles focuses on more than that. Find out what other events you need to consider and plan ahead for. Read more

API Magazine - Retiring younger and richer - March 2016 THUMBNAILRetiring younger and richer

At one point or another, most of us would have thought about retiring younger and richer. It is not an uncommon dream. But this dream requires strategic planning. Find out more in this media article by API Magazine. Read more



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