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Thank you for your interest on our webinars! We’re currently working on some great educational contents for our community so unfortunately, we don’t have any up-to-date webinar available. But not a worry at all! Although we don’t have any webinars at the moment, we’ve got heaps of other Educational Materials that you might find helpful.

1. The Property Couch Podcast

With more than 350+ podcast episodes and over 12 Million downloads, we are Australia’s #1 Property Podcast! From building your own property portfolio and useful borrowing tips to healthy mindset and renovation tips, you’ll find an array of topics that would suit any Australians!

2. Money Hack Video Series

In this Video series, Bryce Holdaway, Director & Property Advisor of Empower Wealth, Co-Host of The Property Couch Podcast, Escape from The City on ABC and Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel Lifestyle Chanelle will be sharing THREE free training videos in regards to a simple rules based money management system that will trap your surplus every month! 

3. Free Books

We’ve published two best sellers and we recommend you to start with Make Money Simple Again. It’s completely free to download and you can get it here.

If you find that book helpful and you’d like something specific to Property, then we’d recommend our second best seller, The Armchair Guide to Property Investing. We’ve actually got some free physical copies that we can send out to you. All we ask is you to cover the delivery fees of $9.95.

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