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Matt’s Journey


Based in WA and working in the mines, Matt*, was time poor but in a financial position where he was ready to purchase his first investment property. Wanting to tap into all the relevant markets across Australia, but unable to see them for himself, Matt was happy to let our Buyers Agent, Linda Blaschka, steer him in the right direction. With a purchase price figure of mid $400,000 and a need to see a good growth return on it, Matt was keen on building his property portfolio early so he could create a future filled with financial freedom, choice and work/life balance.

The Search Process

After identifying Matt’s goals and trusting her extensive knowledge on Melbourne and its inner suburbs, our Buyers Agent, Linda Blaschka, focussed on Blue Chip and gentrifying suburbs in the area. In doing so, Matt would be rewarded with an asset that holds fantastic capital growth opportunities. For this reason, given his budget, plan and cash flow position, Matt would be able to look forward to a future, cemented in bricks and mortar, which should prosper into true financial freedom.

The selection

Having access to Empower Wealth’s research data and using her own extensive network of agents, Linda tracked down a suitable investment grade property for Matt—a fabulous unit with city views, located in a prime spot in Brunswick, an inner north suburb of Melbourne. Not only this; but also the unit purred with potential as it sat on a small boutique block in a suburb that is surely going to yield high growth returns.

The Negotiation

Realising the gem she’d found, Linda wasted no time alerting Matt to the good news. He agreed on the property and gave his consent to negotiate a figure before the property went to auction. Given it was investment grade and ticked many of the boxes that unfold into capital growth, it is sometimes necessary to snag the sale before the competition has time to bid. The negotiation was made and both Matt and our team were pleased with the result.

The Pre and Post Settlement Service

As is the way with all of our clients; after the property was purchased we coordinated the building inspection and all contract reviews. This meant making sure all negotiations made, including additional contract conditions and various maintenance items, were checked and carried out correctly. We assisted with property managers and made sure everything was in place for Matt. He was ecstatic to sit back and watch his money grow! Another win!

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