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The first step to the Empower Wealth journey is to fill in our Online Fact Find. It takes around 15 – 30 minutes to fill in depending on your current situation and organise your information in a systematic way so that we would be able to understand your unique circumstances and determine your potentials and opportunities.


Hello Ben Kingsley here, CEO and founder of Empower Wealth and I just wanted to take this moment to say thanks very much for requesting an appointment with one of our advisors.

Now you might be asking, why are we asking for information before we actually meet? Well the reason for that is, we want to know all about your financial situation and that way, the hour that you spend with us can be the most productive hour possible. There’s no use in wasting time, in going through numbers and getting through that hour and not having conclusions around your opportunity and your potential. So we ask you to complete this online fact find to give us all that information and then submit that to us once you’ve completed that. Then we’ll organize a time for our meeting to occur. So inside the financial fact find, we’re going for things like your income, any assets and liabilities that you currently hold, the expenditure that you’re expending around the household and the some of the future plans, some of your goals, some of the dreams and learning more about how you manage money. So once we have all that information, there’s a saying that the outcomes are only as good as the inputs that we do, and that’s why we ask for those upfront so that our time together can be more productive.

So jump into it now, get it through and you’ll be able to meet one of our financial advisors as soon as possible.

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