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Virginia Chivayo


Virginia graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Banking from Curtin University (WA) and her first role was in Tax and Business Services. It was a great experience with an amazing work culture which ultimately was the doorway to her career. Though she enjoyed it, the experience ignited a passion and hunger in her for more.

It wasn’t long before she realized her curiosity wasn’t solely in tax returns, but that she wanted to expand her skill set and explore different avenues as well as various accounting softwares utilised in business, and potentially take on more challenging roles.

Four years later, she got employed by a Fast Food Franchise, managing accounts and payroll. The experience equipped her with knowledge which cascaded her to land her current position at Empower Wealth as an Assistant Accountant, as well as a move to a different state! Now that she is working in property she looks forward to learning more about building property portfolios and hopefully one day she will have her own.

She loves taking risks and getting better personally and professionally. Currently, she is studying the Chartered Accountancy Program and her attitude is ‘the sky is the limit’. She believes being an Accountant is a portal to vast career opportunities and it’s only exciting to think what the future holds.

Apart from work she enjoys taking a good walk in nature just surrounded by trees and birds, that is where she finds her zen!, travelling-discovering new places, cooking and recipe experiments, shopping, listening to music, and reading, amongst other things.

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