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Sarah King

Finance Advisor

Sarah is a Finance Advisor at Empower Wealth. After establishing a successful career in marketing and communications, a ‘part-time’ obsession with property investment evolved and Sarah decided it was time to make the leap into a new profession.

Sarah’s passion in property investing began with her own wealth management journey and purchase of her first investment property. During this process Sarah found that not all mortgage brokers were alike, with many working, not for the best interests of the client, but on providing ‘easy transactions’. Sarah recognised how important it is to have, from the beginning, a trusted advisor who is investment savvy in their approach. She is passionate about educating clients on better money management, a skill for life, and not just one transaction.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Communication and is looking forward to using her marketing and communications background and skills to help clients achieve their property investment goals. She is committed to providing a great service by cutting through the jargon and providing a seamless experience for clients.


Empower Wealth explained everything I needed throughout my first home purchase process. The service was fast, friendly, efficient, and exclusive. I would not have had access to my property without Empower Wealth as it was an off-the-market.

- Phillip, NSW October 2019

All aspects of the lending were handled very well.

- Paul, VIC September 2019

Amazing team and Sarah has been a real gem.

- Izabela September 2019

Great service from start to finish. That’s why we are a returning customer.

- Paul August 2019

The Mortgage Broking team were so professional and able to be contacted throughout the whole refinancing process. The highly knowledgeable team made the process efficient and painless and also allowed us to structure our loans accordingly. Thanks to the Empower Team once again.

- Domenic August 2019

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