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Paul Thompson

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Paul Thompson is one of our Qualified Property Investment Advisors here at Empower Wealth. He has a background in residential/commercial construction, Investment Banking, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.


Paul was born and raised in Victoria and had a strong passion for real estate at a young age. He pursued a building apprenticeship just out of high school and whilst getting some invaluable experience in real estate, he took his skills and youthful desire to travel by embarking on a journey across the UK and New Zealand and continued to perform construction work in both the residential and commercial arenas. During his travels, Paul met and married his wife, Stephanie, and decided to head to the US where she was born. Once in the US, Paul pursued his bachelor’s degree and a career in Investment Banking. He secured a job at a large international Investment Bank in New York. Rising through the ranks and taking on management and front office roles, Paul was the Prime Broker for his clients and Assistant VP at Barclays Bank. During this time in the investment banking space, Paul was able to advise his business clients in all manners of business investments as well as some family office advice for his clients. Paul realised he found more enjoyment in connecting personally with his clients and working on building their personal wealth positions.

Paul, Stephanie and their two children decided to make the move from the US back to Paul’s home town of Melbourne. During this move, Paul seized the opportunity to change his career path from Investment Banking and the large corporate settings to a more unique and tailored position at Empower Wealth. With his role as a Qualified Property Investment Advisor, Paul now has a greater sense of fulfilment by being able to meet with individuals and families in order to help them achieve their financial goals and aspirations through property investment.

During his spare time Paul loves spending time with his family and running around with his two children. Also, he enjoys playing his guitar, reading and keeping active by running, cycling and participating in local triathlons. He looks forward to watching his children grow and like the clients he’s helping, building a property portfolio of his own to provide financial security for his family.

Empower Wealth have been fantastic to deal with throughout the whole investing process. Right from the second I walked in the door and was greeted by Ben Kingsley himself, dealing with each different department and through to post settlement on a great property, I couldn't be happier! Huge shout out to Paul, Dean, David and Christa! You guys are awesome and I can't wait to do it all again (hopefully soon). Cheers, Mick

- Michael, VIC April 2020

Our experience with Paul and Empower Wealth has been truly first class! We worked with Paul on creating our Property Portfolio Plan for our specific future goals, based on our specific information - it was great to see that the service provided was genuinely individualised for us and not a generic plan. We are now confident in KNOWING that we are working toward an achievable goal and are no longer simply hoping and wishing that we are heading in the right direction. We are looking forward to taking the first step in our plan in the next month or two. "Knowledge is empowering but only if you act on it." - and we intend to do just that!

- Tanelle, VIC April 2020

The whole process that we went through with Paul was amazing. Having zero knowledge and no experience with property investing, it was great for us to have Paul support and experience to guide us in the right direction. We are really happy with the outcome and we are super exited about what our future looks like now that we have the right plan to follow. Thanks Paul.

- Santiago, VIC February 2020

Since day one the whole experience with Empower Wealth has been nothing but professional. Paul was fantastic throughout the initial process where Jake was incredible in dealing with me. I highly recommend them both.

- Tom, VIC February 2020

The time and effort Paul and Matt went to to understand my goals and dreams was amazing and to have a plan in place to make that reality is a great feeling.

- Mark, QLD February 2020

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