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Jade Dobbie

Product Manager

Jade is a Product Manager at Empower Wealth and holds an Agent Representative Certificate, a Bachelor Degree in Commerce majoring in Business Management and has over seven years’ experience within the property industry.

Property has always been her major passion. As she started at the Property Management side of the industry, Jade has had extensive experience on what considerations are involved when leasing a property as well as the process from selecting a property manager up to post placement. But her experience doesn’t stop there. She’s also been involved in business management, administration, rental trust accounting and sales trust accounting, training and advising, Human resource management and many more. When asked about this, she said she has been lucky to move and experience different aspects of property and of a business which allows her to have a deeper understand of what a property investor would usually experience.

Being able to see both sides of a situation, from a tenant as well as an investor, has helped Jade understand what is needed to truly help those around her. And now, her passion is on the other side of the coin. She would like to leverage her knowledge and experience to help property buyers secure an investment grade property on their portfolio and achieve their retirement goal. After researching for a while, she found Empower Wealth and really connected with its values to help others build a wealthier tomorrow. This eventually leads to her taking the plunge and moving to Melbourne to join the team.

In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her partner Lawrence exploring the hidden cafes and laneways of Melbourne.

Dealing with Simon, Jade and the rest of the Empower Wealth mortgage broking team as a stand alone experience was fantastic, but using them in conjunction with the buyers agency service was where thing really came into there own! Having the two teams working together and having a central file of all my important info made the whole process 100% hassle free. I would highly recommend their services to anyone, and did in fact recommend them to my sister who is looking purchase... but she instead chose to completely ignore my sage advice and went for a pre-approval with Suncorp because "I do my banking with them".  Don't fall victim the same "I told you so" wrath I will be subjecting her to in 5 years time, give the team a call!

- Ryan October 2019

Thomas, Jade and the team worked over and above to have settlement take place. For without their hard work and dedication this property may not have settled. Their communication between the solicitor, bank and myself was outstanding. I recommend and would use the team again.

- Joesph July 2019

Excellent service from start to settlement with fantastic communication and updates at every stage. The team was always proactive in keeping us in the loop and ensuring everything moved along as efficiently as possible. Was a pleasure to work with Simon, Jade and May and will do so again with no hesitation in the future.

- Mark July 2019

Jade communicated well all the way through the process, keeping me updated from the application process all the way through to settlement.

- Nicholas July 2019

Simon, May and Jade were excellent in refinancing all of my loans, which took nearly a year to settle. There was a hiccup when I tried to refinance my IP loan last year and could not settle due to complication with the bank. With Simon's expertise, he was able to re-structure my home loan and IP loans correctly and refinance to another lender in the current strict lending environment. Simon is now helping me to secure a pre-approval for my next IP. Thanks Simon, May and Jade.

- Chee July 2019

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