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Emma Dempsey

Public Relations Officer

Emma is the Public Relations Officer at Empower Wealth and helps coordinate the marketing and communications of the company. She holds an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing and, above all else, is passionate about human connection and investing in a positive tomorrow.

With over a decade in customer service, combined with her knack for writing, Emma holds a strong sense of responsibility to put her words to good use. She is experienced in content creation, website management, copywriting, editing and marketing. Emma’s working career has been a steady one, consistent in loyalty and service to independent, wholehearted companies where the bottom dollar is taking care of others.

She has published many pieces of creative nonfiction with a heavy focus on unearthing authenticity, achieving potential and living in line with values, morals and dreams. She has also freelanced several artistic projects and maintains a fascination with wealth creation and individual growth.

Emma insists on personal and professional development and Empower Wealth has given her a concrete desire to build a property portfolio sooner rather than later. More than anything, Emma strives to help people get to where they want to be and believes nothing is impossible if it begins in your heart and, from there, you make it happen.

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